Saturday, April 12, 2014

Time Flies

Wow! How time flies.

Since i last posted we have been through five holidays, if you count Valentines day, like i do.

It was a very busy time, as i know it was for everyone.

My shop did okay.  I was very happy to be a part of other peoples Christmas, and I hope they enjoyed there gifts.

We had a lot of snow this year,  and we are all ready for spring and summer.

One of my favorite Christmas gifts. How do you like my Hoodie Footie. Ted picked it out himself.

This was the 2 new Grandbabys first Christmas. I think they had a good one.

I have started watching a few Podcast on knitting and I am learning a lot. I discovered after knitting for 40 + years that I knit right handed but I am left handed. I also always knit in the back loop, and throw my yarn. After watching Molly from the HomspunHouse podcast, knit,, I know there had to be a faster and more efficient way for me to knit.
So, I went to the trusty ole youtube and found a few video tutorial on left hand knitting and learned how to knit left handed and continental. I find it far more efficient and enjoyable. I still throw a little on the purl stitch.
I also learned the Fish lips kiss heel for socks, from Sox Therapist on ravelry,  after watching a Knitting in circles podcast.
I also learned to magic loop for knitting socks, hats and other things knit in circles.

Fish lips kiss heel of sock knit with leading men fiber arts yarn  They have some beautiful yarn.

 And I also knit some of these socks. Sock knitter know, or if not better go get you some Paton Kroy yarn and knit some.  AWESOME

I am also in the beginning stages of planning my own podcast. I want to do it.
See you later.

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